Press release: New ownership for Kemetyl Group


Mr. Ola Tengroth, CEO Kemetyl Group is buying the Kemetyl Group from Segulah III L.P. Today it has been announced that Mr. Ola Tengroth, CEO Kemetyl Group, has acquired the shares of Kemetyl Holding AB from Segulah III L.P.

The current co-owner Pemco remains partner in the Kemetyl Group.

The signing of the business deal has just been done.

-”I am thrilled to assume responsibility for the Group together with Björn Knappskog” says Ola Tengroth and continues  “We complement each other in many ways and I am really looking forward to form the Groups future together with Björn and the team within Kemetyl “


For more information please contact:
CEO Ola Tengroth on + 46 70-679 88 04 or

Björn Knappskog on +47 901 39 571or


The Kemetyl Group has rapidly become one of the largest companies in its fields in Europe, with 250 employees in 13 countries producing a turnover of some €140 million euro to 45 countries. Following a number of acquisitions, we have grown to be a truly complete, integrated and Pan-European partner within the industry.

Present on 13 European countries, with 4 own production sites and several contractor sites, we have a unique presence. We are where our customers are. And with staff that speaks 24 different languages we can live up to the slogan - "we speak your language".

Our product portfolio contains fluids and hardware, car care and accessories, hygiene and household products. Major products range from screenwashes and coolants, to fuels and cleaners. From window wipes to disinfectants. From bulk chemicals to 50ml bottles and aerosols.

As the biggest supplier of industrial ethanol in Europe, and with filling platforms across Europe, Kemetyl can combine unbeatable economies of scale with "local" production almost anywhere.

Your brand or our brand - the choice is yours.

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