Perfect for the fireplace


Make sure you have Kemetyl Glass Cleaner and Kemetyl Firelighter Cubes at home for the fire season!

Kemetyl Glass Cleaner is an effective, powerful cleaning spray for use on grills, ovens and fireplaces. It cleans and removes soot from the inside of fireplaces in 30 seconds! This product is also very effective to remove grease from ovens or grills. It is colourless, fragrance free and slightly foamy and has a carefully balanced content of cleaning agents to ensure great cleaning power.

Spray on, leave for 30 seconds, agitate with a brush or wipe with a cloth. Finally rinse off with plenty of water.

Kemetyl Firelighter Cubes are ideal for lighting BBQ grills, wood-burning stoves and bonfires. These top-quality briquettes are based on pure n-paraffin and are thus completely smokeless, odorless and soot-free. They have a burning time of 10 minutes and burn with a 15-20 cm high flame.
Enjoy the fireplace!