Kemetyl AdBlue® 3.5 L - New packaging for passenger cars!


Kemetyl AdBlue ® is specifically designed for the passenger car market and EU’s new emission standard Euro 6.

Kemetyl AdBlue® dispenser is particularly developed to fulfill the end-user’s needs. AdBlue® is corrosive, and may damage clothes, upholstery or varnish, if spilled. It is therefore of utter importance that AdBlue® is filled without spillage. Using Kemetyl AdBlue® 3.5 L the consumer can fill up the car safely, preventing any spill, odours or mismatch. All according to ISO-standard 22241-4.
In addition, Kemetyl has refined the bottle above the standard, by adding (1) a temper evident ring, (2) a safety device for opening the cap and (3) a start/stop feature on the adapter. This makes Kemetyl’s solution unique in the market and safe for consumers to handle.
Kemetyl AdBlue® should only be used in diesel vehicles equipped with SCR technology according to the instructions in the driver's handbook.
Kemetyl offers AdBlue® in sizes from 1.5 L up to 1000 L and bulk deliveries.
AdBlue ® is a registered trademark of the Verband der Automobilindustrie (VDA)