Be safe this winter!


Prepare your cabin, boat, living-car for winter frost, and prevent ice formation outside your house!

Kemetyl Antifreeze Nature is nontoxic environmentally friendly antifreeze.
Kemetyl Antifreeze Nature prevents freezing in pipes, drains, taps, toilets and water tanks. Ideal for use in boats, cabins, caravans, campers, buses or other places that are exposed to freezing temperatures during seasonal storage. Kemetyl Antifreeze Nature is the best option for winterization of water-cooled engines. Also protects against bad odours from drains.
Prevent ice formation with Kemetyl Ice Melter this winter!

Kemetyl Ice Melter is a fast acting agent based on calcium chloride, which effectively removes the layer of ice on stairs, entrances and driveways or other locations that are susceptible to frost and ice. Thawing is down to -40°C, unlike common salt (NaCl) which melts down to -7°C. Kemetyl Ice Melter can also be used to prevent new ice forming. Cuts through thick layers of ice. The product is gentle on the ground and does not damage concrete, tile, flooring or carpets. The product leaves no residue and is also gentle on your pet's paws. Wash with water. Supplied in a bucket with a grit cup, simple "open-close" feature to protect the contents.