Kemetyl is dedicated to follow, uphold and promote the REACH regulation. The regulation, an EU wide set of rules for Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals, is the most important law in our field of trade.

REACH* Regulation nr. (EC) 1907/2006 entered into force January 2007. By December 2008 substances brought onto the EU market had to be preregistered by their manufacturers and/or importers. This was the first step in the EU Chemical registration process.
REACH Preregistrations
The following substances have been preregistered by Kemetyl:
Pre registration number
Sodium oleate
Oleic acid, compound with 2,2',2''-nitrilotriethanol (1:1)
Fatty acids, rape-oil, ammonium salts
Dodecylbenzenesulphonic acid, compound with 2-aminoethanol (1:1)
Potassium dodecylbenzenesulphonate
Sodium dodecylbenzenesulphonate
Dodecylbenzenesulphonic acid, compound with 2,2',2''-nitrilotriethanol (1:1)

REACH Registration
30 November 2010 was a new deadline in the REACH registration process. By this date SIEF’s for substances with a registration deadline of 30-11-2010, had to submit their registration files to ECHA for evaluation.
As a major player in the Ethanol market Kemetyl actively participated in the Ethanol SIEF EtOH-REACH.
An overall Ethanol file was submitted by EtOH SIEF in July 2010. Kemetyl submitted its own file mid November 2010.
As a major player in the Ethanol market Kemetyl actively participated in the EtOH-REACH SIEF and contributed to the timely registration of ethanol. EtOH REACH has submitted the Lead Registrant dossier to ECHA, the European Chemicals Agency in Helsinki, in July 2010.
More information about the EtOH-REACH SIEF can be found at:
Kemetyl Ethanol Registration - Dossier submission
Kemetyl has submitted it’s own Ethanol file in November 2010 to ECHA
Kemetyl’s ethanol dossier has successfully passed the business rules and we received the ECHA Submission number: JN965649-05 and reference number: 01-2119457610-43-0192
Use descriptors
An essential part of the registration procedure is the identification of the uses. For which applications and under what conditions can ethanol be used in the future.
The EtOH_REACH SIEF submitted the dossier for the following Identified Use categories
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 and 16.
These use categories are also part of the Kemetyl registration dossier and cover amongst others, the use of ethanol in antifreeze, deicing and screenwash products.
The following link can be used to learn more about these Identified Use categories:
All other pre-registered substances have a registration deadline in 2018. Registration dossiers will be submitted to ECHA early 2018.
All other substances have been preregistered and/or registered by our suppliers and/or importers.
3 January 2011 is the next deadline for REACH. Manufacturers and importers of substances for which a registration deadline after 30-11-2010 applies shall, in accordance with article 112, submit the classification of those substances to ECHA’s inventory for classification and labelling.

SVHC substances
Parallel to the registration process ECHA regularly submits new lists with substances of very high concern (SVHC). Kemetyl closely monitors the updates of the SVHC list. What is the actual status of SVHC substances in Kemetyl products:
·         No SVHC substances, but one, are present in Kemetyl’s chemical formulations;
·         Boric acid and borates are on the list of SVHC substances. Borates are an essential element of the corrosion inhibiting system in coolants. The percentage borate in Kemetyl’s coolants is within the legal restrictions;
·         To the best of our knowledge no SVHC substances are present in primary and secondary packaging materials.