Kemetyl Procurement

The goal of Kemetyl Procurement is to obtain the best value for raw materials, components, traded goods, and services that it purchases from its suppliers and to secure supply of all purchased raw materials and components into the production units to the lowest total cost in use, without impacting negatively on production performance, workers safety or the environment.
Procurement Policy
Kemetyl Group has implemented a Code of Conduct that defines what Kemetyl Group expects of its business and personnel, regardless of background or location. The Code of Conduct outlines a set of universal standards that apply to all our business dealings and processes. It lists the principles that Kemetyl Group regards as being fundamental to environmentally and socially responsible behaviour where our Suppliers play a key role. Kemetyl’s Code of Conduct can be downloaded here: “Kemetyl Code of Conduct

Procurement categories
Kemetyl procures within the follow categories:
Raw materials: Ethanol, IPA, Alkylate Petrol, Antifreeze, MEG, Aliphatic, Paraffin, Aromatics, Ketones, Ethyl Acetate Other Alcohols, and other solvents. 
Packaging materials: Plastic packaging, Metal packaging, Corrugated boxes and Labels
Traded goods: Car accessories & Paper towels & dispensers
Procurement Personnel
Procurement organisation
Kemetyl has cross-company ownership for key categories such as screen wash ethanol and Antifreeze materials whereas other categories are handled locally in each entity.
We are always looking for new suppliers who can meet our requirements and help reach our vision of providing the high quality products at competitive prices for our customers. Interested suppliers can contact us for further details about our requirements by sending an e-mail to the Procurement Country Manager closest to your market, found below, or use this e-mail link:  General Procurement Questions
Questions regarding purchase order related issues please contact your regular contact person at Supply Chain in your Country.

Procurement Personnel
Kemetyl Group
Peter Elmquist
Vice President Procurement
Stationed in Jordbro, Sweden
Perry Korshöj
Supplier & Product Manager Nordic Industry
Stationed in Gothenbourg, Sweden
Kemetyl AB Sweden
Lasse Sjöstål
Procurement Manager Sweden
Stationed in Jordbro, Sweden
Kemetyl B.V, the Netherlands
Ed Loffeld
Sourcing Manager BeNeLux
Stationed in Soest, the Netherlands
Patrick Dam
Procurement Manager BeNeLux
Stationed in Soest, the Netherlands
External Production
The External Production team handles subcontracting of production capacity. To get in contact with the External Production team use this e-mail link: External Production
Artur Pluciennik
Supply and Procurement manager External Production
Stationed in Warsaw, Poland